About Goal Gas Limited

Goal Gas Limited recognize that each business is unique. That's why we go beyond simply being an LPG supplier - we provide our customers with genuine account management, ensuring their individual needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

We believe it's all about the personal touch. From installation through to supply, our knowledgeable and experienced Business Managers remain dedicated to their customers. They work hard to develop long-term relationships and provide safe, innovative bulk LPG solutions to help each business succeed.

The Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization of economy have opened the path for private sectors players to enter in to those sectors which are reserved for public sector. Out of several significant sectors one of them is Petroleum sector which is opened for private sector. The Government of India has decentralized the import of LPG Goal Gas Limited is a limited company incorporated under the "laws of India".

The "Goal Gas Limited" is incorporated with the aims & objectives to cater the opportunities in the “Petroleum & Gases” sectors along with the motive to serve the nation by providing LPG to each and every household, industry and commercial user at the competitive price with the endeavour to obtain total customer satisfaction in the products & services thereby ensuring a long standing relationship with the customers.

We have a strong distribution & storage network, for our uninterrupted and regular supply of quality LPG. We specialise in supplies of bulk LPG, Propane and Butane from the import/export terminal of our principle. We not only supply gas but we do help our customers by our expertise and become a partner in their growth.

Our Culture

Goal Gas is a young entrepreneurial organization having zero degrees of separation between top-middle, middle-junior, and top-junior management. This allows for instant implementation, modification, and feedback of activities, making Goal Gas a truly lean organization

Goal Gas, founded in 2018, is INDIA’s leading LPG marketing company with nationwide distribution and sales operations.

The most reliable provider of affordable LPG in the country, Goal Gas product is available to households, industries and small businesses, motorists, and communities reliant on synthetic natural gas directly and through its extensive network of distributors.