Franchisee Eligibility Criteria

We take into consideration the following eligibility criteria before selecting the franchisee. Kindly note that they are suggestive only, and not mandatory.

  • Can be an Individual or Partnership, or a Registered company.
  • Should be a local resident with wide business contacts.
  • Should be financially sound and willing to invest in business.

Dealer/Agency Franchise

  • Should be able to devote full time and energy to this business
  • Preferably a graduate from a reputed university
  • Prior business experience is preferable
  • Existing business interests as below are an added advantage:

For Cylinder Franchisee
  • Association with Hotels-Restaurants-Caterers
  • Presence in retailing, FMCG, industrial gases, mineral water, soft beverages etc.
For Auto LPG Franchisee
  • Experience in managing petrol pumps, super markets, automobile dealership centres etc.
Land Requirement:
For Dealer/Agency Franchisee

As per statute, LPG Storage Godown licensed by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization is a pre-requisite for this business. Hence, you need to have the following configuration of land (either owned or leased; owned land being preferred) for various storage capacities –

Qty of LPG Kg Godown Size (approx) Meter Plot Size (approx) Meters Plot size (approx) Sq. mt Safety Distance Meter
1000 4.46 x 3.46 10.92 x 13.42 146 3
2000 6.46 x 4.46 12.92 x 14.42 186 3
3000 7.46 x 5.46 15.92 x 17.92 285 4
4000 7.70 x 7.17 18.20 x 22.17 403 5
For Auto LPG Franchisee

The land requirement for the HiDrive Auto LPG station is 30 mts. x 28 mts. or 26 mts. x 36 mts. Some of the key requisites are:

  • High traffic density
  • Prominently located on the main road
  • Free access to the station for vehicles
  • Must be a freehold land owned by the Franchisee or a registered lease hold land in the name of the Franchisee